16 degrees in February is unheard of in most place in the world but 16 degrees in Ireland in February is definitely unheard of. As soon as the heat hit on Monday the washing lines were filled with clothes, the kids played out and people longed for the carefree summer days after the dark days of winter.

Although this is probably a false hope for the weeks ahead and we are sure to revert back to rain, and wind and possibly even snow, it fills us with ideas for the time ahead. Maybe it is time to get the garden ready for the summer barbeques and long evenings sitting out with a glass of wine in hand and a book enjoying it. Why not prepare now and have it all ready to just throw open the doors and enjoy the weather when and if it comes. In this country we do not have the best summers but when the good weather comes wouldn’t it be great to be ready for it for a change and this is what February sunshine may just be for.

So I sat with my pen in hand and wrote a list of what I wanted to surround me this summer and how I was going to transform the jungle that is my garden into a place of peace and calm in order to enjoy any sunshine that may come our way.

So number one on the list was a big comfy chair, perhaps even a swing to sit in gazing up at the sunshine. Number two a table and chairs to sit and enjoy dinner and the company of friends. Number three a barbeque to cook the burgers and steak, I could even catch a glimpse of the smell as I wrote the words on the page. I tapped into my online shopping website and started to add each of the items to my basket. With chairs comes cushions and with tables table cloths, large umbrellas, statues of Buddha to add to my place of zen. My shopping basket quickly began to fill, but luckily as it was still only February these items were selling a lot cheaper than they would in July or August when the masses need to buy them. This February sunshine was saving me a fortune and getting me organised.

So in the coming weeks I had made a plan, flowers would be planted, grass would be cut and weeds would be dug. I had ordered paving stones and even my dream of having a small pond was becoming a reality. My garden would be a place to enjoy the summer days. I floated along on this wave of sunshine and preparation of the days to come. Spring really was a real time to make a new start.


But suddenly the thought struck me as I pushed confirm on my online order, last year….. The beast from the East, the snow….what if? You can’t have a barbeque sitting in the garden in the middle of a blizzard and I am pretty sure my swing would be frozen in place should the weather decide to turn. Lost in my dreams of zen and tranquillity I had maxed my card so an additional shed was not even an option.

Storage!! Of course! The place to lock away all my hopes and dreams for summer. Within minutes I logged onto the website and with a couple of clicks and a thirty euro deposit I had a space held for when all my items arrived. I could even have them delivered to my unit rather than having to try and squeeze it all in the car to bring to the facility. And even better still I had 24 hour access to my items, so if and when that sun decides to shine I can access my items and let those lazy summer days begin.

Thanks Space Storage