We’ve all been home so much now, that a lot of us are noticing that we simply have too much stuff and we need to declutter. Home organisation might seem like a daunting task, but when you break it down into simple steps, it can be easy and the reward is immediate. Whether you are looking to embrace minimalism or want to store luggage, skiis or other things you aren’t using during lockdown, decluttering will create the tidy, organised home you want.

Home organisation doesn’t have to mean getting a skip and never seeing your things again. These decluttering tips focus on making the best use of the storage space you have and using rental storage spaces wisely.

1.Create Criteria for Keep, Store and Give Away

If you are aiming for minimalism, you will probably want to get rid of a lot of your belongings. But before you do, it is worth considering if you’ll just be tempted to replace them in a few months or a year. Try to brainstorm some criteria to decide what you will keep, what you will store at home or in rental storage, and what you will give away. Things to store includes items you aren’t using now but will want after the lockdown. Would putting a shelf full of ornaments or your Christmas things into rental storage improve your home workspace?

2.Declutter One Room at a Time

You don’t have to declutter your whole home at once. Take it one room at a time. Even one section of a room at a time can result in meaningful improvement. Organise one kitchen press or one wardrobe to start. Have a box for each room of things that can go into storage and label it clearly. That will make it easy to get what you need from a rental storage space.

label and declutter

3.Make a Home Organisation Schedule

Trying to declutter your whole home in one weekend is setting yourself up to fail. Instead, try to set aside an hour a week or 15 minutes a day or whatever works for you. Put it in your diary if that will help. You can set an alarm on your phone to remind you it is time for home organisation. Finding the best rental storage spaces in Dublin or your nearest city should be on that schedule too. Just having a schedule will ease the stress of decluttering.

4.Assess the Storage Spaces You Have

Are you making the best use of the storage spaces in your home? When was the last time you had a good look under the stairs or in the attic? Garden sheds and garages are tempting, but can also be damp. The best storage spaces are dry, well lit, secure and easily accessed. Shelves or sturdy plastic storage boxes can help you use awkward spaces at home as well as rental storage spaces better.

5.How to Create More Storage Space

Modern homes are compact and short on storage spaces. That’s tough in the best of times, but when you are working from home push can come to shove. If your home doesn’t have enough room, rental storage spaces in Dublin and other cities can be the answer. You can free up a lot of space at home by storing the items you only use seasonally or occasionally. Putting your Christmas tree and decorations, camping gear and sports equipment in convenient and secure rental storage spaces in Dublin means you can get it when you need it without it cluttering up your home.

Storage space

Households everywhere have had to accomodate a makeshift home office for months. Is it time to acknowledge that a corner of the kitchen table isn’t cutting it? If your box room is full of your children’s old toys and that weight set you really will use someday, it’s time to clear it out and create the home office you need. Having a proper, decluttered workspace will help you focus and reduce your stress levels. You don’t have to get rid of everything you own to have that workspace. You can use secure and convenient rental storage spaces in Dublin.