When you think of bank holidays what do you think of?

A seaside picnic…

family picnic

A drive in the countryside…

country drive

Or is it an afternoon in a beer garden…


Of course not!

It’s the Big Fat Bank Holiday Clear-Out!

What better way to switch the radio on to your favourite station and tackle the mess. Get some boxes and big black sacks, bin the useless, sell what you can, and store what you want to keep. Before you know it you’ll be able to sit and read a book in the spare room, see exactly what the wherefore is going on in your attic, and get the lawn-mower out of the shed without feeling like you’re dragging a trolley through a swimming pool.

At the outset the challenge may seem daunting so I have listed a few TOP TIPS for your de-cluttering mission.


Have the black bags at the ready for rubbish and the boxesand labelsfor the important stuff.


Try and get rid of good riddance. Leave your sentimentality to one side and try to operate under the motto “if you don’t need it bin it.” If you DO need it but you can’t fit it – store it at SPACE self storage!


Many hands make light work. Try and recruit assistance. Perhaps a pal. You could return the favour next bank holiday. Make a day of it. And then…


Have a nice BBQ after the job’s done. Clearing space clears headspace. Relax and enjoy yourself once the job is done.

And one last tip from the top…


If you have old appliances, camping equipment, clothes – anything at all that you have upgraded over the years but you never got rid of. Stick it up on eBay or any of the other online buy-and-sell sites. Check out and of course and are also popular.

So remember…

If its too dear for you to sell, too good for you to bin, and big enough for you to trip over then bring it on down to our self storage facilities in Glasnevinor Ballymountand make our space yours!

Have a great weekend,

Yours securely,

The Space Cadet.