Building my business with Space Storage

In 2016 I decided to open a small cleaning business and specialized in cleaning offices and houses in the small area that I was from. I quickly built up five customers and each month would travel to their location to carry out my duties. By the end of the third month of business the five customers turned into ten and I realized I needed some help.

I set about hiring some employees to help me manage my business and now have ten employees helping me with my fast growing business. Each morning I would meet with each employee and give them equipment and supplies to carry out their duties for the day. I spent my time taking calls from m staff who had run out of something or another and driving to them to provide them what they needed.

It was not an ideal situation and I was wasting money and time driving backwards and forwards and often from one side of the city to another. The business has continued to grow and I now have a regular list of customers that we clean for on a regular basis.

I was delighted that the business was now established and I had looked into the possibility of acquiring an office to hold stock and as a meeting point for staff to stock up on what they needed. However looking at rent, electricity, rates etc and the expense just seemed too much and during the day the office would remain empty so was an expense that I simply could not justify.

The calls kept coming and the work kept coming and the jobs had spread out over the south side and north side of the county. I really needed a store room that I could make available to my staff.

I started to research on the internet and I read about storage facilities in Dublin. I knew I would need a place with access to the Northside and the Southside of the city. I contacted Space Storage and spoke to Darren who advised me that they had facilities in both Ballymount and Glasnevin and their units had 24 hour access.

I travelled out to meet Darren, I viewed the units and agreed to take a 25 sq foot unit in each facility. I was given access codes that I could give to each of my staff meaning they could travel to the facility and stock up as needs be. This is saving me from having to waste time and petrol driving from one side of the city to the other.

Thanks Space Storage!

Hope you enjoyed meeting our customers, the Space Fairy