Finally the day arrived when the offer was accepted on our first house and we could not wait to receive our keys and get moving on making this place our home. With this in mind we gave notice to our landlord on our two bedroom apartment we had been renting for the last six years. In that space of time we had accumulated quite an amount of furniture, clothes, tvs, dvds, cds, you name it and we seemed to have a lot of it.

Our landlord decided that we would have to give a months’ notice which would take us up to the end of February 2016 which tied in nicely with our move in date of 15 Feb meaning we would have a couple of weeks between the two to move items between properties. It was all going to plan and the excitement was building.

Our landlord had our apartment rented in no time at all and we were busy boxing and decluttering for the next few weeks.

It was on a Wednesday a week before move in that we got the call that the house had fallen through!!! We had not anticipated this happening at all and were left completely at a loss of what to do. The bank explained the house we were buying had been withdrawn for the market and there was just nothing further we could do.

What happens now we thought? As I looked and saw all the boxes piled up at the front door I was unsure how to move forward. I rang friends and family and they assured me that we would have a place to stay while we sought out another property but none of them had the space to store our belongings.

As I looked at the three seater couch, the large fridge freezer and all the other items I simply had to have for our new home, I thought I needed a miracle. It was a friend who recommended Space Storage. They had used Space when they bought their house and found the service amazing in their hour of need.

I picked up the phone and called Darren in Space and he was only happy to help. He explained that Space had customers like us on a regular basis and not to worry. He organized for all our items to be picked up by a company who work alongside Space and brought out to their location in Ballymount. It was all sorted within one phone call.


We rented a 100 square foot unit and managed to have all out items fit inside and locked away until we found our perfect property. The best part was at this very expensive time Space had an introductory offer where we paid for the first two weeks storage and they gave us two weeks free.
Thanks Space Storage

Hope you enjoyed meeting our customer, the Space Fairy