As the autumn approaches us and the leaves begin to fall off the trees life is really about to change and there is a lot of decisions to be made. My eldest daughter is about to make a very exciting journey as she steps away from school and starts the next part of her journey in university.

We live in the UK and she had made the decision to move to Ireland to study medicine two years ago now but it still didn’t make it any easier getting her ready to leave the family home. As I watched her begin to pack up boxes and shop for what she needed to take with her, I couldn’t believe how quickly time had passed.

She could not believe the amount of items she had accumulated over the years and deciding what to bring and not to bring appeared to be causing her a lot of worry. She wasn’t sure exactly what student accommodation was going to be like and what she would or wouldn’t have room for. The university had sent her on a list of what she needed including towels, pots and pans, bedding, dishes, etc. We had decided to buy the bulk of the items in the UK and try to send them over prior to moving over.

So we packed up boxes and suitcases and she even decided to bring her keyboard and guitar and we wrapped everything up ready to ship over. The student accommodation proved a little tricky as they could not accommodate her belongings before she arrived on campus and as I wanted to help her move in we needed everything to be there when we arrived.

This is when we realised we needed a stop gap between home and uni. It was ideal really to find somewhere we could store her items and then know what she did or didn’t have space for. Having somewhere too meant that the weekends where she wanted to come home, she could securely lock away any items that she didn’t want to leave in her student pad and not have to worry about them going astray while she wasn’t there.

We began searching and found Space Storage in Glasnevin, it was only a short journey from her university and we got everything sent to her storage unit before we took a flight over. They organised everything and literally had the contents in the unit and under lock and key ready for when we got there.

We flew over and first travelled to the university and measured up what size space we had to put her things in to. We then spoke to the team in Space and they organised a storage taxi. Basically a member of staff drove her contents to university and we did all the loading and unloading of what we could fit in. This kept the costs down and we were able to transport the items back into her storage unit if they didn’t fit. Going forward she is keeping a 16 sq foot unit for items she can take in an out as she wishes. As she will be in and out of lectures all day it means I can send her parcels or clothes to her storage unit and she won’t be missing deliveries too which is great.

Thanks Space Storage for making the move so much easier and all we need to worry about is how many weeks until she can come home for a visit!

Hope you enjoyed meeting our customer, the Space Fairy