Hiding Christmas Presents


For better or worse, kids are curious. And never more so than at Christmas time. If there are presents in the house, they’re gonna find them (and possibly ruin the loveliest lie that they will ever fall for in their lives!). So to prevent this catastrophe here are a few suggestions of clever ways you can hide the Christmas presents from wandering eyes.



Old suitcases are a perfect empty space waiting to be filled. Chances are your bags and cases stay in the same spot all year long so kids will be unsuspecting once you put them back in their spot stuffed full of prezzies.


Boot Bags

If you keep the goodies in a golf bag or gym bag in the boot of your car they should be safe. It is unlikely your children will think to open them up and peek inside. Also, whenever you leave the house you will take the gifts with you – and that is precisely the time the kids will probably start poking around.


2 men candles

Is there some way you can make the present look like something else. For example if you bought your son a video game or a dvd could you slide out the inlay card and replace it with a boring old one then just leave it on the shelf. Or another clever one that I picked up from Hitchcock’s macabre film Rope – the murderers hide the body in a box then dress it up as the dinner table! – why not throw a tablecloth over that little pool table you picked up. No one will ever know.

Paper blue box


Maybe hide some of them in plain view. A box lying in the corner is unlikely to arouse suspicion, especially if it is topped up with old newspapers looking like it is destined for the recycling bin. Could be a perfect place for little stocking fillers.

Baby Christmas tree


Sometimes the most obvious place is the last place you look. Why not wrap the present then just give it the wrong label. There’s no chance anyone will suspect a present is for them if it has your work colleague’s name on it. Just remember to change it back on Christmas Eve or else you may end up giving your pal in the office My Little Pony at the Xmas party.

Space units



The safest place of the lot.


Yes, kids are curious, but you can’t tell them where the presents are. And it isn’t always wise to answer all of their questions either!

To dramatically illustrate this point I will leave you with this little parenting story from stand-up comedian Louis C.K.

Dad and daughter


  • Daddy does the earth go around the sun?
  • Yes
  • Does it do it all the time?
  • Yes
  • Will the earth always go around the sun?
  • Well, no. At some point the sun’s going to explode. (She’s 7 years old. She started to cry immediately. Bitter tears for the death of all humanity. Here’s how I tried to save it…)
  • Oh, no, honey. This isn’t going to happen until you and everybody you know has been dead for a very long time. (She didn’t know any of these things. Now she knows all of these things. I was proud of her, she took it well!)


Happy Christmas from everybody at Space Self Storage!


Space Cadet.