When we bought our house we loved everything about it and as we went from room to room we always had a plan of what we would do to make the suit our taste. As a couple the house was perfect and we had more than enough room for the two of us.

Fast forward ten years, two kids, an attic conversion and a dog and we need a magic wand to make our once perfect sized space grow a little larger. Over the years we have added built in wardrobes, an attic, larger bathrooms but now we needed to accept that the biggest job so far needed to be tackled, The kitchen!

The kids both expressed a huge interest in cooking and with a husband who loved to cook and myself who loved to bake the current kitchen just wasn’t big enough to house our two eager sous chefs. It needed to be bigger.

We looked at plans to try and make the current space appear bigger but we couldn’t lose the large kitchen table or the now huge fridge freezer stuffed with enough food for four. Our options with what we currently had were non-existent.

There was only one option and that was to extend the space we had. We had quite a big back garden and we realised we could build on at the back to ensure cooking for four was less of a squeeze. We began pricing the job and became swamped with quotes and estimates and time lines of our project. It was a very stressful process and one we felt like abandoning on many occasions.

Moving out while the work was going on didn’t seem feasible as the kids had to still go to school and we had to go to work. Our sitting room would now have to include a kitchen function until our dream kitchen was complete. But how on earth do you squeeze two rooms into one. We needed more space.

We went online and found Space Storage and began simply by ordering some boxes. I cleared the book shelves and boxed away countless books and photographs and the book shelf quickly became an area to store cups and plates and pots and pans. I boxed away anything I could to create more space so we could bring the kitchen essentials into the sitting room.

We then contacted Space Storage and reserved a 75 square foot unit to house all these boxes. While there we spoke to one of the storage experts who advised us that moving just one large piece of furniture from the sitting room could be the answer to our problem. So one of our large leather couches easily fit inside the unit creating a huge amount of space for the fridge freezer and table to be brought in. It was the perfect solution. We now have a clear space for the builders to work away and we won’t have to disturb them.

As the renovation is still ongoing any items that we have ordered like tiles, an extractor fan, plates, knives, forks even have been ordered and delivered to Space so we can ensure that someone is there to accept our delivery. Another thing the storage team told us we didn’t have to worry about.

In a particularly stressful time, Space Storage provided us with the solutions to make the whole process a little easier. They knew when we planned to store for eight weeks that quickly would turn into twelve weeks and that was never a problem. There was always a member of their storage team on the end of the phone offering advice about how to proceed or suggesting ways to make the whole situation easier. The space team have made out dream of cooking for four become a little closer and soon our sous chefs will be happy cooking up a storm. Thanks Space Storage.