As the final days approach before all the madness, excitement and Christmas magic starts, I need a few of my own Christmas miracles to pull all the final bits together to ensure another magical Christmas this year.

For Christmas dinner we have 10 adults and 8 kids, dear Santa please send me a bigger house to fit them all or a bigger table to fit them all or more chairs for the small table I have. So my thoughts to solve this plan is to pop along to Space Storage and pop any unnecessary clutter into my unit to make my house feel bigger, while I’m there maybe the garden table and chairs in my unit can double as the kids Christmas table! Problem solved.

Christmas night we have 4 extra adults staying and three kids, dear Santa I need two extra bedrooms at least for my house, a few extra beds and enough duvets and pillows to keep everyone warm. I can clear out the spare room of the gym equipment, bring the sleeping bags from our camping equipment in our storage unit and I know we have boxes filled with duvets and pillows I can bring from my unit.

Under my tree is filled with gifts for each of my guests to bring home, dear Santa I wish I had something where each guests can place all their gifts to take home. I can pop into Space and get some boxes and we can decorate them with Christmas wrapping paper so they can fill their box and it can be an activity to keep the kids busy while I get the house sorted for all the visitors.

Now where to hide the gifts….Dear Santa please can I have a lock to keep the children’s curious minds out of the shed so they can wake up to a house full of surprises. Oh I just remembered something that Space Storage also sell locks so something else I can pick up when I am there.

Dear Santa at Christmas we reflect on how lucky we are, for this beautiful house we have and the warm beds and smiling faces so we are pretty sorted for Christmas wishes and it seems like Space Storage have all the other stuff sorted.

Merry Christmas from all the staff at Space Storage and we wish you a healthy, safe and wonderful 2019 and remember we are here for all your storage needs.