As I open the small door and pull the ladder down for my attic I can honestly say that I have no idea what is even up there. I had vowed to myself that if I didn’t miss it I didn’t need it and with having two small children with an ever growing wardrobe and ability to own every toy that had seemed to be produced in the last six years of their little lives, we needed more space.

I climbed the ladder and decided that today was the day that the clear out began. The first thing that hit me was the endless amount of boxes, 27 in total filled with baby clothes. Then there was the huge box of which I had no idea what was inside. As I opened it and saw my wedding dress I realized that if I didn’t miss it I didn’t need it would be a lot harder than I thought. I mean I didn’t even think it possible that I would use my wedding dress again but how do you get rid of that? I was fast realizing that along with being a place to shove things out of the way the attic was also a trip down memory lane and certain items were just too special to donate or throw away.

As I sat amongst a lifetime of memories, I thought this was going to be the hardest thing to do! How do I decide what stays and what goes? But the space had to be cleared as with the builders arriving in less than a week to create more space for my family, I simply couldn’t put it off any longer.

We carried everything down to clear the attic space out and left it all in the sitting room of my house. Now there was no avoiding it, it had to be sorted. I couldn’t believe the space it created in the attic and certainly our dream of having a music/play room for the kids was now happening.

I started to sort the piles of items into things we wanted to keep and things we could donate. Our local charity shop was more than happy to receive all the children’s clothes and old toys that had been hidden away for so long. We threw out another load of items but then we had a lot of items that we wanted to keep. So in a house of limited storage where on earth do we put it?

It was then I started to research and storage facilities popped up. What a great idea, just the extension of space I would need and it would free up my already over cluttered home.

Space Storage was the first result that popped up and I picked up the phone and called Darren. I had no idea how much space I would need but Darren told me to load up the items and arrive to Space and he could have a look and tell me what I need and I could move in there and then. So that’s just what we did. We loaded up boxes of paper work, wedding dress, Christmas decorations, suitcases and more and drove out to Ballymount.

We moved into a 25 sq foot unit and we were moved in and paperwork completed within an hour. A space to hold my memories and a home ready for the builders! Thanks Space Storage

Hope you enjoyed meeting our customer, the Space Fairy