So Yes I was one of those people. I did queue outside the local toy store for two hours when there was talk about a second lock down. This year I feel that we have all been through enough without having to explain to the kids that Santa couldn’t manage to get them just what they wanted as he was self-isolating!

This virus has turned our world upside down, we have had holidays cancelled, I think I have actually lost hair trying to home-school and not once have my three gorgeous kids complained. They had just taken it in their stride and not blinked an eye at all the change or things they have had to give up this year. The only thing we have heard is how they have missed hugging their grandparents and how they can’t wait for a sleepover at Nana’s when this is all over. So for that reason and to celebrate the fact that we have all got through this madness healthy and feeling very grateful that we still have all our loved ones in good health, I am determined to have the BEST CHRISTMAS YET!!

It may be a different Christmas but it is still going to be fun. It is still going to include lots of presents, too much food and hopefully, fingers crossed will have a few very special people around our table this year. For that I feel happy and excited and hopeful!

With all that in mind, I had asked the kids to write their lists extra early and to write them a little different. I asked them to put down one present that they wished for and to list things that they would love to spend the day doing. My son wrote down how he would love a bike so we could all spend Christmas day going for a family cycle together. My other son wrote down that he wanted an xbox so we could play family games together indoors for when it gets too cold to go outside . My daughter wrote down that she wanted a camera so that she could take photos of all our family memories over Christmas and the rest of the year. I was in tears reading each list as you can imagine.

They asked for a Christmas day filled with togetherness, laughter, a time that was making another family memory. So that is why I got out of bed extra early and I queued outside the shop waiting for its doors to open. I was one of those people that was reported about in the papers!

So here I am now with a bike, a camera, an Xbox and the worst fear that one of them will open the garage door and discover their surprises all too soon!! I wake in the middle of the night thinking I hear one of them out of bed and jump. So today I took out the laptop and I booked a storage unit. A 16 square foot unit that fits all inside so I can lock away the surprises until the Big Day. I know I won’t stop there too, this lock down will probably make me shop online even more and I can actually get all my Christmas presents delivered directly to Space Storage so Santa can breathe a sigh of relief.

This year has been hard enough so this little bit of joy has really made me feel hopeful for the days ahead. Thanks Space Storage for not letting Covid-19 spoil this Christmas Magic!