When the world woke up to the news of lockdowns as preventive measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 in March 2020, most of us thought the home office culture would be a brief ‘phase’ that would pass in a few weeks or months. Little did we know back then that the ‘temporary’ home office would end up becoming the new normal and a space where many of us spend much of our day.

Whether we’re working at home full time or will eventually be splitting our time between the home office and our employer’s premises, good home office organisation is going to be more important as time goes on. The problem is that many people had no chance to prepare properly and no hint that this would be a long-term arrangement.

Taking the time to transition your home work space from an impromptu spot to a proper home office will reduce stress and improve efficiency. Whether you have an actual room for your office or just a computer desk in the corner, you can take some inspiration from these home office ideas to make it a more functional and pleasant space.

How to Keep Your Home Office Organised

Clutter is the enemy of home office organisation. But when you need to have files, documents and other bits and pieces at your fingertips, what can you do? Well, you can start with these tips to organise your home office.

  • Start by marking out your space and being strict about allowing only work into that space. You can use bookshelves, tall houseplants, standing screens or room dividers to make it clear where your office begins and ends.
  • Use all of the space. Think vertical. Tall shelves and wall-mounted file holders can help you keep things handy and off of your desk. Hang a shelf or two above your desk. You can put things you use less frequently such as large stashes of office supplies on the tallest shelves. A pegboard is a fantastic way to hang lots of small containers to keep your pens, paperclips, etc. tidy.
  • Don’t overlook the space under your desk. You can store file boxes there. Just make sure you leave enough space to be comfortable.
  • If you need better lighting, consider a floor lamp or one that clips onto shelves rather than one that stands on your desk, taking up valuable space.

Home office tips

What to Keep at Home and What to Send to a Self-Storage Space

Even with the best home office organisation, it isn’t easy if you don’t have enough space. Apartment dwellers, people with large families and those in house-shares can really struggle to create a functional work space at home. They need more than tips to organise your home office. If you simply don’t have enough room, you might need to consider using a self-storage space to relocate some of your possessions.

Removing items you use only seasonally or occasionally can clear a lot of room in your home. Christmas trees and decorations, sports gear, camping equipment, lawn furniture and the like aren’t used year-round. Putting them in a secure storage unit means you can create a home office that works for you while still having access to them.

If you’d like more information about secure self-storage in the Dublin area, please contact us. We’re here to answer any questions you have about how our safe and affordable rental storage can help you.