It’s summer now, and for a lot of us that means spending more time outside, especially if you have a garden. However, if you’re anything like me then spending time in your garden means thinking about all the parts of it you want to change – it’s garden renovation time!

You might not know it, or not have thought about it, but self storage and garden renovations go hand in hand. Don’t believe me? Well maybe by the end of this post you’ll be convinced.


More space for the renovation

One of the main ways storage can help make the renovation process easier is by freeing up space in your garden to move about freely.

You’re not going to need everything all the time. Different tools and materials will be needed at different stages of the renovation process.

Until you need something, self storage can help you keep it out of your way, this will not only help with your organisation but also will help with safety. You won’t be tripping up on things that don’t need to be there, or having to work around piles of material you don’t need until later.

Of course storage can’t help with organic waste or plants, so you’ll have to find another way of dealing with these, but for everything else it can be a great way of creating more space to get to work.

garden tools


Tool storage

Completing a garden renovation will most likely require some bigger tools that you aren’t going to use often.

Storing these in your shed (assuming you have the room) takes up useful shed space for a tool you might not need again for a long time. Why make it difficult to get into or around your shed when you can keep these tools in a secure, easy access unit and out of your way for most of the time.

This will extend the life of your tools as they won’t be subject to the temperature and humidity changes that you’d experience in a shed, or even worse, left out in the garden.


Storage for those great finds

Garden renovation is not a quick job, it usually takes a decent amount of planning and time to get everything you want. You might see that perfect water feature, or the ideal slabs on offer and want to get them before they’re taken by anyone else.

Self storage is perfect for keeping hold of these out of the way until they’re needed in the garden renovation process.



Protect your equipment and materials

Storing your items out of the way won’t only help with giving you space, but will help protect your equipment as well.

If you’ve got a porous slab that you’re planning to use for your patio you don’t want grease, bird droppings, mould or anything else like that staining your slabs before you’ve had a chance to seal them.

Whether you’re hiring tools or not you don’t want them to get damaged or rusted, as this will be costly either way, so it’s best to leave these in a secure storage unit while you’re not using them. This way you don’t have to constantly think about covering and protecting your equipment either from the weather or mishaps in the renovation process.


Choosing the right storage at Space Self Storage

Each renovation process is different and so your needs will change depending on what exactly it is you’re planning to do. If you were sceptical before about how self storage can assist in your garden renovation, I hope we’ve changed your mind.

Whatever the size of your garden, here at Space Self Storage we’ll help you find the right size units for your requirements. Why not get a quote, or give us a call today to see how we can help with your self storage needs.