Having the flexibility to work from home, even a few days a week comes with a host of benefits, and obviously with not-so-recent events people have been needing to work from home a lot more often.

However, there’s one major drawback to working from home, and that’s finding the space to do so.

When you bought your house you may not have planned on having a space dedicated to a home office – you may have tried working from the kitchen table, or from your bed, but most people find that having a dedicated work space makes it much easier to get into a productive mindset.

With that in mind here’s how you can clear out some space in your home for a dedicated home office.

Uunder stairs deskse Stair Space

If your under stairs cupboard is big enough this can be the perfect place to put a home office; even better if your under stairs space is open to a living room, as this is often wasted space that could be used much more efficiently.

If you can’t find space to move all the stuff you’ve stored in the under stairs cupboard that’s where Space Self Storage can help!

Turn your shed into a shoffice

If you have a bit of spare money and space in your garden you can install a ‘shoffice’. These aren’t like your typical garden sheds, they’re insulated for the winter, have electricity and internet, and let in more light. They’re more like a garden building than a shed.

A shoffice can be an attractive selling point of your home when it comes time to move, as these days people often look for space to work from home when they’re choosing a new property.

Space Self Storage is the perfect place to store all those garden tools you only use once a year or less if there isn’t space in your shoffice.


Corner off a section of the living room


Depending on your living room setup you might have a ‘messy corner’ somewhere where you’ve stored all your old magazines, board games, and other items that you couldn’t think of a better place for.

Now is the perfect time to kill two birds with one stone. You can finally clean up the messy part of your living room and at the same time give yourself some space for a home office.

Modify a cupboard into an office area

If you’re put off by the thought of having a desk out in view every time you have guests over this might be the perfect solution for you.

First you need to clear all your items out of a cupboard that’s big enough to accommodate your monitor(s) and desktop or laptop.

Then you’ll need to remove the shelves that are in the wrong place, and install a sliding drawer for you to place your keyboard and mouse on.

If DIY isn’t your forte there are plenty of options to buy your own hideaway computer cupboard if you can afford it.

You can make space for a home office in even the smallest of houses. In your clear out, if there’s anything you can’t find room for at home you can always store it at Space Self Storage.