So January brings about new plans and ideas for what is to come in 2018, but there is just one problem. The problem is by the time you make it through the holiday period some of the plans may seem slightly unaffordable. Our biggest New Year resolution this year was to travel more and see more of the world. My husband and I are both teachers and have the perfect opportunity to take our two kids off for two months during the summer. So we set to saving up for all of January in order to book.

We wanted to see Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia and planned on using all of the two months to do it. We set about planning and booking each step of our trip and we all got more excited by the day. While the plans were endless the budget certainly wasn’t so we had to be careful with our money which meant scratching a few things off the to do list.

On discussing my trip with a colleague one day they asked why we didn’t rent out our home for the two months we were away. I had never thought of it and it now seemed like the perfect solution to earn a bit more holiday cash and also not leave our house completely unattended for two months.

We began looking into it and although larger items of furniture could remain in the house they suggested maybe storing anything of sentimental value or worth. So we set about boxing up items and slowly but surely we realized that we would have more to store then we thought. Our original plan of asking our parents to keep it in the spare room just did not seem feasible now.

We began researching on the internet and that is when Space Storage popped up. We took a look at their website and noted that they had facilities in Ballymount. We gave Darren a call and he told us to pop down and have a look at the facility and bring along any questions we may have. So we did. We viewed a number of different units and decided that a 50sq foot would suit perfectly. We paid a €30 deposit to hold the unit for move in on the 29th June. And that was it, it was that easy.

We can now go away with the peace of mind knowing that our belongings are stored away with the experts and will all be there when we get back from our trip of a lifetime. We are now counting down the months and all out New Year’s resolutions are coming through.
Thanks Space Storage

Hope you enjoyed meeting our customer, the Space Fairy