I started my business in 1996 and have a team of 30 technicians working for me. We started off as a small business and expanded very quickly. We cover areas from Dublin to Galway, Cork and Wexford. Within 10 years of opening we had two offices in Dublin and depots in Cork and Galway and a growing number of customers. Business was booming.

Each month we would have meeting in one of the Dublin offices to brief all the technicians on the month ahead and sales targets etc. We had a great team and the business was doing really well.

During 2008 business began to get a little tougher and although we had a steady stream of customers and jobs to do, getting payment was a little difficult and paying bills was even harder. It was the beginning of 2009 that we realized that we had a big problem with our cash flow and something needed to change.

We met with our accountants and discovered that our biggest outgoing centered around our offices in Dublin. Between rent, business rates, electricity, water charges, it was a huge expense. The other option was to let go of some of the technicians which I really didn’t want to do as I felt they were my greatest asset and without them the business would not succeed.

I began looking at other offices outside of Dublin but regardless of where the offices were the list of bills attached to it remained the same and was something we could do without. I looked at even using my own home, but with the level of stock we had to hold, this simply was not an option.

I began researching options and that is when the whole idea of a storage company came up. Space Storage was one of the first options that popped up on my search engine and when I clicked on their website I was really unsure if this could work.

I rang the number and spoke to Darren in Space who assured me that I could pop in and have a look at the facility and we could discuss the options and see if this would work for me.

Eight years later we are still a customer with Space. We have two large units in both of their 24 hour facilities in both the north side and south side of the city. My technicians can pop into either unit with their access codes at any time and stock up their van with any material they are running low of. On a monthly basis we rent an office from Space where we can still have our monthly meetings and all the staff can get together.

Space was the answer to my business surviving the Recession and now it is helping my business to continue to grow.

Thanks Space Storage

Hope you enjoyed meeting our customer, the Space Fairy