I have worked as a book keeper all my life and used to work in the middle of town in a very busy office with a vast amount of space for all the files and documentation for all our customers. With this line of work records and paperwork must be kept usually for seven years and sometimes more in order to satisfy legal requirements. Even with the introduction of technology and email and most companies now issuing invoices and paperwork by email there is still boxes and boxes of documentation that must be kept.

For one company that can pose as a bit of a headache but when many companies are outsourcing this work to you, you are not only the person who processes all the accounting function of a business but you must now also store all this information also. Working in large companies this was never a problem as most offices come with storage space to allow this.

Five years ago I left my city job to start a family and once the kids had got past the baby faze and I realised that the bills still had to be paid I started to see that there was a huge opportunity for me to help out some friends, family and local business with the endless headache of their accounts. I began with the local hairdresser and butchers, a neighbour who was an electrician and another who was a plumbers books. It was great when the kids went to bed my laptop came out and I started to tap away and get the work done. I had a box for each customer and would place any receipts, or bank statements etc inside for each customer.

The first few months of my little business were great and as the months went by I was getting more work and my list of customers were building. I was really growing quickly. However it started to impact on the house a little. The corner of the kitchen now had a wall of boxes with paperwork and the clothes horse that was once there had now been shoved into the hall meaning the buggy now had to be a permanent feature in my boot which when you need to go shopping and forget can prove quite the headache…… I needed a solution.

Someone had mentioned a storage unit and I wasn’t sure if it would work. There was the issue of needing to be able to access files at different hours of the day so I needed somewhere accessible. There was also the issue of security as this was very confidential information. And lastly I needed something that was not too expensive as the one thing I loved with my little business was that I had very few overheads. This meant that any money I made was actually mine.

I started to search companies and there were a few to choose from in Ballymount, however from the minute I phoned Space Storage I knew that was the one for me. They suggested I pop out and take a look at their facilities, so I did and the whole thing took about twenty minutes to organise. It was so efficient and they were so helpful. I had even brought a carful of boxesand was able to pop those in my new safe storage unit straight away. I had 24 hour access too which meant there was no problem and I could come at any time and collect what I needed.

My home is now back to normal and being able to keep home and my work separate is amazing. I never have the unexpected surprise of a buggy in my boot and a trolley full of shopping dilemma again. Thanks Space Storage