When I moved away from Ireland seven years ago I never expected to create a whole life in a new country. Originally it was an exciting adventure that took me to so many places experiencing new cultures and seeing things I had never imagined being able to see. I saw most corners of the earth and loved coming back home and sitting with my parents and telling them all my exciting adventures. My parents had travelled as far as Spain on a 2 week holiday once a year, so hearing my stories always filled them with excitement and delight at how brave I was and happiness seeing how much I was enjoying life.

My trips back home usually came every three months to begin with but over the years I came home less and less. Once a year I would always try to be home with my parents and if I could time that around Christmas I would. I loved coming home to see my parents and to see how much Dublin had changed over the year and experience the new sights and delights it had to offer. I felt like a tourist in my own town and spent the time whizzing around on my bike seeing all I could before setting off again.

Over the years Mum and Dad had retired and were making ends meet by renting out two bedrooms in their home. All my items appeared to be in the way and with each visit I would try and justify the need for me to keep so many things in their place. I wanted to make life a little easier for them as I know they didn’t want me to feel I was in the way.

I began looking into storageand although my Mum was originally horrified of me removing all my belongings from the family home she understood I was being practical and agreed to come along to Space Storage with me to have a look and meet the team. Mum explained that this was a little upsetting for her as although I was away most of the year this officially felt like her 27 year old daughter was leaving home for good. I was amazed when I got to Space Storage and saw that the team saw this was difficult for my Mum. They showed such care and didn’t worry how long we spent asking questions or how many stories she told them about all my adventures. Mum patted my hand and said I have a good feeling about this place and I could tell that her upset was slowly disappearing.

In such a fast paced world where you feel each shop or place you enter is just trying to get you in the door to spend money it was so refreshing to actually sit and talk and feel no rush in trying to sort out all my most worthy possessions. For me it was peace of mind knowing I was leaving my items with people who care.

So each time I am home I can pop off to Spaceand pick up my bike and off I go whizzing around on my bike and spending time with my lovely parents.

Thanks Space Storage for allowing my adventures to continue, next stop who knows…..