So Halloween is behind us and before the jingle bells start ringing, before the relatives book their flights to visit or before you even allow the kids to think about writing letters.. you must tackle the problem that is staring you in the face. How on earth will it all fit? Your three bedroom house feels like it is shrinking under the pressure as the days start to speed up. The perfect solution is a good old clear out to free up an extra living space for Granny to come and stay.

November is the perfect month, the month you realise that the exercise bike and home gym equipment you were bought for your Christmas present last year really wasn’t a good idea! It is now crammed in behind the bed in the spare room, still in its original packaging begging to be used. Maybe I could sell it you think? I pull the bike, weights, yoga ball and mat out of the spare room and put it in the hall and suddenly the room has transformed in front of my eyes. Wow it is now the perfect place for guests, Granny will be delighted.

Next I enter the children’s bedrooms, toys, teadys, books, every space is squashed to capacity. I start to compile a pile of unused items and before I know it I have a pile nearly the size of me. The room feels uncluttered and ready for Santa’s next batch of presents to be unloaded. But before I can remove all the items the children appear and toys that haven’t been played with in months are now their greatest ever possession. I make a promise that I will only donate half the pile to the local charity and put away half the pile and we can take it out when they are bored with the toys they have. I was not sure where this would be but they felt happier at this compromise. My husband took the bags to the charity shop and the rest was left in the hall.

My hall was starting to resemble a stock room at this stage and I was beginning the wonder where on earth all of my treasures would go?

I went through wardrobes and decluttered using old suitcases to pack away summer clothes freeing up hanging space for all the visitors luggage and children’s new bulky winter coats that were ordered and should arrive any day. Again the suit cases of summer clothes were pulled and gathered together in the hall.

My husband arrived home with boxes and we packed away summer duvets, books, and anything else we knew would not be used over the next eight weeks or so.

We tackled the garage next and as the children were not playing outside as much we decided that their bikes, scooters, skates etc could also go in the pile. It freed up a great space in order to be our hiding place for any presents so the children could not find them.

Wow my house looked like it had grown in size, we did have one more question where would we put our tree when it needed to go up. There was no way around it we would need to move out one of our couches and to put it in any other room just would not work.

So there we stood with a two seater couch, the contents of a home gym, toys, books, jigsaws, luggage, bulky duverts, bikes, scooters, skates and a partridge and a pear tree!! Where on earth could we put it all? But my husband already had the answer. His company had already used Space Storage to store their additional Christmas stock for the coming period so he thought it might work for us.

He remembered the excellent customer service he received when he initially rang and we were not disappointed with this call either. We spoke to Darren and he arranged everything. We hired a 25 square foot space and loaded everything in my husband’s van and off it went.

It’s all there under lock and key in Space for when the children realise that they really miss their toys or maybe this year I will finally be ready to take the wrapping from my exercise bike!!

Thanks Space Storage my house is now all ready for the festive season.

Hope you enjoyed meeting our customer, the Space Fairy