Security in Space


Security can be expensive.

You begin by consulting with the security experts. Then they draw up a security plan for you. By the time all the cameras and security technology have been installed and you begin paying for 24-hour monitoring you might begin to wonder would it be more prudent to invest in a mean looking guard dog and hope for the best.


In a self storage facility security comes for free as long as you pay the rent.

No need to worry about forking out to do the place up like fort knox, just leave it to us. We look after your belongings for you. That means we look after security for you. So how do you know your stuff is safe with us? Who is responisble for security at Space Dublin Self Storage?



Manguard have been in business for 18 years. These guys know what they’re doing. Take Bill Brown for example, the company’s Managing Director. He has 27 years experience in the security industry and he is Chairman of the National Union of Security Employers; and he is part of a professional and dedicated team including a former assistant Garda Commisioner and a retired Colonel of the Iirsh Defence Forces. All of the equipment Manguard uses is tried and tested – the most up to date technology. Knowing we are secured by the best in the business puts our minds at ease.

Between our two Dublin Self Storage Facilities in Ballymountand Glasnevinwe have multiple cameras covering every corner of our buildings, inside and out. Manguard provides us with round the clock monitoring of all of our alarm systems and all of our staff are fully trained by them to operate the technology. Our newly opened Glasnevin facility has state of the art individual alarms on all or units. Who needs a guard dog when you can have a manguard!

So, storers, make our space yours and your valuables will be safe under lock, key and a watchful eye.


Until next time…

Yours securely,

The Space Cadet.