The final essay has been handed in, the final exam completed, and the books have all been closed, so what next?? Should I stay or should I go? What are my options for the next three and a half months?

Do I travel, do I head back home or do I take that job and stay put for the summer months? I have my accommodation, my books, my clothes, my bike, my guitar, what on earth do I do with all that if I choose to head off island hopping for the summer?

The glossy magazines from the travel agent and endless days dreaming on trip advisor are calling me. Calling me to book the flight to Croatia to inter rail around Europe in the sunshine discovering and experiencing for the summer months without a care in the world.

So should I stay or should I go?

The accommodation I have is quite far from campus and my landlady has also said she would increase my rent this year so I have no ties to staying put where I am, but what on earth do I do with all my belongings. I cannot imagine that travelling with an endless array of items to be any fun. Inter-railing involves jumping on and off trains and having to drag items behind me makes it sound a lot less carefree. But what do I do?

I really do not want to have to sell off some of my items in order to just have to buy them again in September and all my friends seem to be in the same situation so anyone with access to a garage or a spare room from a relative has already got it stuffed to capacity.

So should I stay or should I go?

The want to go is so overwhelming and when I entered the student services office and saw a leaflet for Space Storage all my plans began to feel more real and I now had an option to go.

I rang Spaceand spoke to Darren who advised that I would need a 16 square foot unit and for that fee I would be able to store my belongings including my bike for the summer months. It even included a free pick up where they would come to my house and pick up my items and bring them to Space. It was perfect.

I paid for the three and a half months up front and then I went straight online and booked my tickets. I was going. I fly out this Saturday and I am off to Croatia, I am dreaming of staring out the window on the train taking it all in and making memories. This is what being a student is all about now the hard work is all done. So go on, ring Spaceand make it happen because while we all still can, let’s travel and see the world. Thanks Space Storage.

Make Our Space Yours, from The Space Fairy