SPACE for Christmas.

Never is your house as crammed full of clutter as it is at Christmas. Just think of all the food. You’ve got the turkey, the ham, trays of roast potatoes and brussel sprouts. Then there is the selection boxes, the biscuits and the chocolate tins. You need space for the crisps bowls, the cheese board, the plum pudding and the trifle. Add to that the decorations, the nativity figurines, the wreaths and stockings and santas toys. Never mind the piece de résistance – your glorious, towering, shedding Christmas tree.

Let’s not forget the relatives: granny and grandad stuck to the coach, the kids running around, guests on the move poking around nibbling and topping up their glass. It can be domestic mayhem, but it can be made a lot easier to cope with if you prepare properly and clear a bit of space.
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Rearranging the furniture can be wise move come Christmas time. You may well be delighted with the feng shui you have going on in your home, every couch, table and lamp being exactly where it should be for maximum harmony, but on Christmas day all of that goes out the window. Be practical. If that means pushing tables together or couches side by side then so be it. If it is difficult for people to move about then that is when you will have an accident and your lovely cream upholstery will be drenched in red wine or your uncle will topple over into the Christmas tree when your young son comes shooting by on his new scooter. Set the rooms up for the day that is in it. You can always change it all back to just how you like it after the big day.

When you are decorating try to utilise the walls. Your floor spaceis valuable. So as much as possible hang your decorations and lights up on the walls and over the doorways rather than cluttering the place with bulky snowmen and stuffed reindeer’s. You can achieve a fabulous magical effect by keeping the eye-catching lights and tinsel high and out of the way. While you’re at it why not deck the halls with boughs of holly.

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Clean up as you go along. Once the Christmas crackers have been pulled and emptied of their precious plastic prizes and side-splitting puns, get all unwanted packaging and junk in the bin. Same goes for the ripped up wrapping paper. Don’t let it lie around in piles getting kicked around from end to end of the living room. Bag it up. Get a big black bag and dump whatever you can. It takes no great effort and it goes a long way towards keeping the place semi-respectable. So, sweet wrappers, empty beer cans and coke bottles should all go in the bin. If not, before you know it there won’t be an inch of space for the remote control. And what if you wanted to play a board game.


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While these are all good tips for alleviating the clutter you might find that your space issues are a little more serious and simply walking around with a bin just isn’t going to fix it. Christmas is a time of purchasing, a day of giving and receiving; a season of visiting, hosting and lavishing. That all adds up to a plethora of objects and humans invading your space. It could be that you simply have to move some things out of the house altogether. That is where we come in. If an armchair or a bookshelf absolutely has to go – give us a call. If all the old toys and redundant ornaments are only in the way – make our space yours.
Whatever way you decide to organise your Christmas celebrations be sure to enjoy it. After all it all only comes once a year.
From all of us at Space Self Storage have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours securely,
Space Cadet.