After 7 years in Ballymountstanding tall over Dublin’s favourite ring-road motorway, SPACE Self Storage has now opened a brand new and bigger facility in Glasnevin.

Glasnevin Storage


We are now only 10 minutes away from the city centre. In fact SPACE storage Glasnevin is now the closest self storage facility to the city centre on Dublin’s north side. As in Ballymount, the set-up is state of the art. Individually alarmed units are accessible round the clock, 24 hours a day. So far in Glasnevin we have 150 units ranging from 10 sq. ft. to 400. And that is only the first phase. When complete there will be over 70,000 sq.ft. of space in SPACE including more than 800 units.


Out in Glasnevin we also have a bulk storage area capable of taking mutiple pallets without any difficulty. The area is large enough to fit a tennis court. We actually have the entire set of a Theatre stage play housed there at the moment. “To store or not to store! That is the question!”

On top of all that we have several Serviced Officesavailable, ready for immediate occupation. If you decide to choose SPACE as the location for your office or business you can also avail of our Mailbox Facility and redirect all your post to SPACE Glasnevin.

Check out the map on our new website for directions and come on down and check it out. Our units await your items. Our space wants to be yours. You hold the key.

Glasnevin Cemetery


And while you’re in the area you could always drop in to our only competitor close-by: Glasnevin Cemetery storage (very reliable business – they’ll be the last people to let you down!) Levity aside, Glasnevin Cemetary is a fantastic historical point of interest. It is the world’s first cemetery museum and it offers a fascinating insight into some of the men and women who have helped shape Ireland’s past and present. Well worth a visit.

In fact Glasnevin cemetary is also the location of the Hades episode from James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses. Allow me to leave you with a quote from the meandering mind of Leopold Bloom, the godfather of innovative storage ideas:


“More room if they buried them standing…

When you think of them all it does seem a waste of wood.

They could invent a handsome bier with a kind of panel sliding let it down that way.

Ay but they might object to being buried out of another fellow’s.

They’re so particular.”


Yours securely,

The Space Cadet.