So here at Space Storage we are often asked about our customers and who they are. With three buildings in Ballymount and one in Glasnevin, who is occupying all this Space! We have many different customers who come and go on a regular basis and let’s face it everyone can do with a little extra Space in their life.

The Business Customers – Here at Space we have many different businesses using our storage to help run their operations at a fraction of the cost. A storage unit is an ideal stock room for people who specialize in online sales. We have a number of different coffee, make up, book, wine companies, to name a few who sell online and then store their stock in a storage unit, pick up the order here at space and then deliver it to their customer.

The Busy Business Customer – Getting a storage unit gives your business an address for post and deliveries to arrive at a more convenient time so you do not need to worry about missing a pick up and can concentrate more on developing your business.

The Nationwide Business – Space has also provided a central location for many companies who base their operation throughout Dublin or Ireland. Many companies hold stock for their staff in the storage unit. As the units have 24 access the staff then can come to the unit with their codes at a convenient time and pick up stock to complete their job. Many companies find this an excellent time saver from having to drive all over Dublin or further to ensure that their staff are stocked up and ready to go. We also have many UK companies and the storage space gives them an Irish location.

The Trade Customers– Many electricians, plumbers etc find the storage unit the ideal place to store parts to complete jobs. One customer said that being able to turn a quote into a job as quickly as possible often leads to them securing the job. “Having to make a customer wait to do a job just doesn’t work so knowing I have the parts ready to go in my storage unit allows me to offer the customer a quicker turn around. This has secured a lot of work for me.”

The Domestic Customer – Let’s face it houses today are all missing the space we need and never seem to come with enough storage. A spare room, attic, garage or shed often becomes overloaded with items and makes your home feel even more cluttered and shorter of space. We have many customers who use their storage unit as a space to clear out the attic for a renovation, or need to claim back the spare room for an extra member of the family due to arrive soon whether it is a new baby or a relative coming back from abroad.

The House buyer – We all know buying a house is the time that you need a lot of patience and move in dates can change in the blink of an eye. Between exchanging contracts and receiving keys can seem like a life time and sadly often can be the time where the sale falls through. We have had many customers that Space has provided a stop gap to between moving out of one house and moving into another. Sometime this can be for a few weeks or sometimes a lot longer but anytime we try to make this already stressful time a little easier.


The World Explorer – whether you are a teacher with the summer months free or retiring and finally taking the trip of a lifetime, a storage space comes in very handy for storing your belongings and renting your house out for that time or saving on rent to add to your holiday budget. We have many customers who head off to Australia, Canada or the like for a few months or a few years and want to rent out their home or give up their rental property.

The Student– We have many students who come to Ireland to study each year and rent out rooms or stay in college accommodation and then head home for the summer months. Making the long trip home can seem even more difficult if you have to drag your many possessions with you every time. Storage units are ideal for this and with units as small as 10 square foot the extra suitcases of clothes or boxes of college books can be stored away and there for you when you return to start back in September.

As you can see here at Space Storage we have many different customers and we try to make any situation a little easier for you by giving you the space you need to go forward with your plans. All our staff are here to help and will be able to recommend the space you need based on what you have to store. During opening hours we have an open door policy and will gladly be able to show you units as we understand that seeing the units makes it a little easier. To get a quote just pick up the phone and call Darren or Fergus, the storage experts on 01-4299972 and let us make our space yours.

The Space Fairy