I remember the trip into town with my Dad to buy my first Ireland jersey. Off we went into Arnotts on the 49 bus. I was seven years old and had barely been able to sleep the night before with excitement. My Dad was a massive supporter and travelled far and wide to get to each match to show his support for the team and our country. I wanted to be just like my Dad.

From seven on my Dad took me to every match, each one I was kitted out head to toe in Jerseys, scarves, socks you name it, if it was green I had to have it. He bought me a match day programme every time we went too. A memory of the day that was and along with the scarf that was hung on my wall, it held pride of place in my bedroom. My bedroom was jam packed. My mum used to tell me I was football mad just like my Dad.

As the years passed this love for football just grew greater and greater and although our football team didn’t give us the chance to travel to every World Cup or Euros, I always had a second team to support. This meant that even if Ireland didn’t participate my poor Mum and Dad had to fork out on another jersey, football or sticker book to add to my collection.

Even when I moved out Mum still kept my room the same full of all the memories of each match Dad and I attended, a place where Dad and I could sit if we ever wanted to take a trip down memory lane and remember some great days together.

In the last ten years sadly I have had to travel to the matches alone as Dad has grown older but I still come back from each trip and sit with Dad and we discuss how we would have managed the team differently, what formation we would have chosen and if we stand a chance of qualifying for the next World Cup.

When my Mum and Dad made the decision to sell their house I had to pack up my bedroom into boxes. Boxesfilled with memories of our love for the Ireland team and the sport. As I was just renting I didn’t have anywhere to keep such special memories and that’s what made me make the decision to have a storage unit. My storage unit is filled with all these memories ready to pass onto my own child when he or she gets to the age when I can teach them about the offside rule and never giving up on the Ireland team who will definitely be in the next World Cup!

Thanks Space Storage for allowing me keep my special memories of my time with my Dad locked away safe for when I need to pass them on.